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What are Nutrigenomics and how can we use them to support your health? 



What are Nutrigenomics?

Our genes form our building blocks, but they are not our health destiny.

Achieving optimal health is understanding how our specific set of genes (and their variations) impact our environment, including our response to our nutrients and dietary patterns.


Exploring nutrigenomics helps us understand our genes better so that we can make informed decisions about the environment that suits them best. It allows us to make targeted changes including diet and lifestyle to achieve the best expression of our genetic potential.


We all have common variations in our genes, termed Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms or SNPs. We all have many of them. They result in small, but important changes in the function of the gene and how it may be expressed in terms of metabolic actions that are turned on or off. They impact all aspects of our health from energy production to detoxification. Understanding these variations enable us to take actions to support them including both nutrient support and lifestyle changes.


Nutrigenomics helps to inform how inherited health risks can be moderated through personalised nutrition and lifestyle change.

It’s the very essence of personalised nutrition.

How can Nutrigenomics help me?

Completing a nutrigenomics profile helps us better understand how your body engages with specific nutrients. It provides uniquely personalised information which informs targeted support in terms of lifestyle and nutrition.

The key to optimising your health is intertwined with your unique genetic makeup.

How do I collect my sample?

The profile requires an easy and quick mouth swab to gather a few cells from the inner cheek. The sample is then simply posted back to the lab for analysis. There are no special storage or shipping requirements.

Upon receiving the sample, the cheek swab is is meticulously examined and processed at the lab. Importantly, the accuracy of the test remains unaffected by factors like HRT, nutritional supplements, contraceptives, pregnancy, or exercise.

Results are ready about two weeks from the lab receiving the sample.

How many tests will I need?

Our genes don't change, so a single DNA test suffices for a lifetime. There is no need for retest.

We are working with LifeCodeGx and they offer a range of profiles to choose from. We can chat through the options with you to discuss which profiles may be more relevant for you. Additional profiles can be added on at a later stage.

Will I need help interpreting my results?

During our consultation, we will interpret your tests and explain the significance of any genetic variations or SNPs, providing insight into how to best optimise your health. Subsequently, we will create a personalised plan which may include targeted supplements and lifestyle adjustments,

This is the essence of personalised nutrition.

Will I get a copy of my results?

You will receive a copy of your LifeCode GX test results after our consultation.

How do I know which test to choose?

Please get in touch so that we can schedule a call to discuss the right profile and package for you.

Will my results identify where I am missing certain nutrients in my diet?

Your test results will indicate where relevant the requirement for additional nutrient intake, which can support your genetic pathways to optimise your health.

Will my results help identify any allergens to dairy, gluten and soy products?

You test results will not show you if you have an intolerance or allergen to dairy, gluten and soy. The profiles will explain your genetic susceptibility and if there is a need additional support on certain pathways due to nutrient imbalances or genetic SNP variations.

Allergy and intolerance tests are available separately, so please discuss this with us.

Prices and Packages

We are currently offering clients two packages to choose from, 

We are happy to discuss the options with you; please get in touch to schedule a call.

Gene 2.webp

Metabolic Package £645

The Metabolic Report will help you understand metabolic individuality which is key to supporting energy regulation, longevity and health-span. Within this package you will receive a DNA test kit and a 60 minute consultation to discuss your report and results. 

Please find a sample report for the Metabolic Profile here

Gene 1.webp

Hormone Balance Package £645

The Hormone Balancing Program helps you better understand possible causes of your hormonal symptoms and optimises your health by making changes informed by your nutrigenomics profile. 


Steroid hormones are a group of hormones derived from cholesterol. They are involved in the regulation of many physiological processes in both men and women, such as the development and function of the reproductive system, metabolism, inflammation and immune system. 

Within this package you will receive a DNA test kit and  a 60 minute consultation to discuss your report and results. 


Please find a sample report for the Hormone Profile here

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