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Success Stories

Real life stories from my clients

'' I was struggling with chronic constipation for about a year before I was put in contact with Sue. We focused on several relatively straightforward things that I could implement quickly, such as eating certain foods and supplements as well as trying gut hypnotherapy.

Without doubt I feel so much better, physically, and mentally, since I started working with Sue. It is hard to pinpoint precisely what has made a difference, but I think it is a combination of Sue's positive approach and reassuring manner together with the eating/supplementation plan that has helped enormously. Sue is extremely thorough, and I was amazed by the extensive notes she produced after each of our calls. She is very compassionate and really cares about helping you to get better as she fully understands how much despair can be experienced when you get stuck in a situation that affects your physical and ,ultimately, mental health. Unquestionably, working with Sue has been worth the investment and I would not hesitate to recommend Sue to anyone looking to support their health.''

- Tony


‘’Sue was recommended to me after I became exceptionally tired and I was suffering from heightened menopausal anxiety. My main concern was that there was a family history of arthritis and its associated concerns thereof, I had been to seek medical advice for my swollen fingers. Nothing remarkable was found on the medical front but I was keen to ensure that I proactively manage these symptoms going forward. I felt that I should be doing more to manage these symptoms that the traditional medical route was not offering me. 


Sue undertook various blood tests and hormone tests and referred me to a fantastic private GP for menopause support as well as referral to a rheumotologist , all of whom have taken a holistic view on my health and life style so that my symptoms can be managed conservatively. Sue also found from her own investigations the reasons for my exhaustion as well as making me aware of other issues that I would not otherwise have known about and for which Sue has prescribed me supplements to manage my health proactively going forward. I noticed a change to my overall well-being and reduced fatigue and significantly reduced anxiety within 3 months. I was amazed at the significant improvement Sue had had on my overall health in such a short timespan  as I had almost become unaware of the previously debilitating symptoms. I feel my self esteem has improved significantly (not that I felt that had been a previous concern!) and I feel much more in control of managing my health going forward thanks to Sue. Sue has given me the confidence to balance my lifestyle which benefits me the most, making me feel a happier and healthier me!’’

- Nicola


‘’My biggest concern that led me to working with Sue was to reduce the sugar in my diet, eat a healthier diet, and have more energy by eating more mindfully. Sue enabled me to make small and manageable changes that led me to have a much better diet. Sue supported me by sending me help sheets, which meant that I could plan my meals easily by using the colour coded sheets. The personalised approach that Sue offered me, gave me more time and impetus to refine my diet. I have enjoyed following her prompts and have much more energy as a result. Sue was incredibly supportive and very realistic in the advice given. I would recommend her services for anyone who has struggled with trying lots of different diets and who is lacking in energy.''

- Nora

'I was referred to Sue after feeling tired and having a myriad of digestive issues that caused bloating, along with muscle aches and poor sleep. I wanted to feel energised with a greater digestion and a restful sleep! Sue supported me with personalised nutritional advice alongside targeted supplementation, which helped me hugely. It feels amazing to have better digestion, as a result I feel calmer and I am finally able to sleep deeply through the night. Alongside this my energy levels have now been restored. I felt so safe with Sue and trusted in her knowledge and experience to support me through my programme'

- Robin


‘’I had been suffering from coeliac disease since the age of three, and whilst I was following a strict gluten free diet I felt constantly nauseous. I was also bloated, constipated and found my hormones had been affected as I had not had my period for some time. Alongside this, my skin was very bad which had been a recurrent issue for several years. After a year at university which was interrupted by lockdown in the summer of 2020, I was anxious to overcome my debilitating symptoms before returning, so I contacted Sue, who had been highly recommended to me. Sue supported me for 18 months, although within the first few weeks my symptoms had eased, my skin improved greatly and is now clear, my constipation improved greatly, and I no longer experience any bloating of nausea.

During our time together I went through periods of high stress, which exacerbated my symptoms. Sue was always there to support me and offer guidance and advice as well as offering different supplement suggestions. Without Sue’s support and guidance, I would undoubtedly not have been able to function as well as I did over the remainder of my university degree course and attain such high academic success. What I loved about working with Sue, is that she would ask me what my objectives were for each consultation in a way that enabled me to measure the progress I was making and focus on the issues that concerned me the most at that time. Sue would always ensure I had the necessary tools I needed to manage my stress and would offer support and advice not only on nutrition but lifestyle support which I needed at the time to support in reducing my stress levels. I truly felt that Sue understood how I worked physically, mentally and spiritually and she supported me in all of these areas. Before Sue and I worked together, I was already eating a very healthy diet and had worked on removing certain foods to improve how I felt, I had seen so many medical consultants, had numerous medical tests and investigations undertaken. Despite all of these, my symptoms still persisted. Sue has shown me that with a more holistic view on my health, I can facilitate my own recovery. For the first time in years I feel in control of my health and can recognise the triggers which undoubtedly would not have been the case without Sue’s guidance and support. For this,  I cannot recommend Sue enough, I have seen remarkable improvements in my health which I finally feel in control of.’’

- Lara


‘’I have been working with Sue for Fibromyalgia and Sjogren's disease, mostly working with pain and fatigue that I have been experiencing. I had full blood tests with Sue, which meant she has been able to target my issues using diet, supplements, and work/lifestyle changes.


We are still working together, so far I have lost some weight and I am continuing to decrease my pain and fatigue.  I have also made changes around my work which also helps my overall health. 


I would definitely recommend investing in the work with Sue. Sue is a pleasure to work with, she is very professional and empathetic.  Sue takes time to find out about your life and your health showing a high level of care.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue to family and friends.’’

- Marian

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