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Personalised Packages

We are all biologically unique - and so are our health needs. 

We offer a personalised health solution for you that doesn't fit into a package - so we don't offer standard packages. 

In our introductory call, we discuss what you're struggling with and where you'd like to be. 

We talk about what you have tried before that may have helped or not. 


Our aim is to help you get to the root cause of what may be driving your symptoms. 


This will often include functional testing. 


We can then structure a package for you which will include the most relevant test/s and an appropriate bundle of time which will be structured in the best way to support your needs. 


Image by Tom Barrett

As a guideline the initial consultation is 90 minutes which allows us to expand on the initial information you provide in your Health Questionnaire and plot out your Health Timeline. After all, ill-health doesn't often happen overnight. 


We can then discuss the details of the test profiles. 


Follow up consultations vary from more regular 20-min phone calls to check in for accountability and guidance, to 45 to 60 minute follow-up consultations online or in person, depending on what would be most helpful for you. 


Please get in touch for further details. 

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